1. Healing was part of Jesus' ministry:

                Mat.4:23,24            Jesus went...healing all manner of sickness & disease

                Mat.9:35 Healing every sickness & disease among the people

                Mat.12:15b            Great multitudes followed Him & He healed them all

                (See also Mat.15:30; 21:14; Acts 10:38.)


2. Healing promises are still valid "today":

                Heb.13:8 Jesus Christ the same, yesterday & today & forever

                Mal.3:6   I am the Lord, I change not

                Mk.16:17a-18b      These signs shall follow them that believe: Lay hands on the sick & they shall recover

                Jn.14:12-14             He that believeth on Me, the works I do shall he do

                1Cor.12:7,9b          To another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit

                Jam.5:14,15            Is any sick among you? Call elders...let them pray


3. It is God's will to heal:

A. Scriptural authority for asking for healing:

                Exo.15:26b             I am the Lord that healeth thee

                Deut.7:15               The Lord will take away from thee all sickness

                Psa.84:11b             No good thing will He withhold from them

                Psa.103:3                (He) forgiveth all iniquities, healeth all thy diseases

                Psa.107:20              He sent His Word, & healed them

                Jer.30:17a               For I "will" restore health unto thee, & "will" heal

                Mal.4:2a Sun of righteousness arise with "healing" in His wings

                Mat.10:1 He gave them power...to heal all manner of sickness &... disease

                Mk.1:40,41             Lord, if Thou wilt...Jesus saith, I "will"; be thou clean

                Acts 9:34a             Jesus Christ maketh thee whole

                Jam.5:15 Prayer of faith save sick...& the Lord shall raise him up

                (See also Ezk.34:16a; 3Jn.2.)

B. God prefers not to afflict you; He'd rather heal:

                Lam.3:33 He doth not afflict "willingly"...the children of men

                Psa.22:24                He hath not despised...affliction of the afflicted; neither hath He hid His face from him

                Heb.12:13b            Let it rather be healed

C. Jesus' physical suffering paid for our healing:

                Isa.53:5   He was wounded...with His stripes we are healed

                Mat.8:16,17            Himself took our infirmities & bare our sicknesses

                1Cor.11:23,24         This is My body, which is broken for you

                1Cor.11:29,30         Not discerning Lord's body...many are weak & sickly

                1Pet.2:24                By Whose stripes ye were healed


4. Nothing is too serious for God to heal:

                Jer.32:27 I am the Lord...is there anything too hard for Me?

                Jer.32:17 Ah Lord God! There is "nothing" too hard for Thee

                Psa.34:19                The Lord delivereth him out of them "all" (afflictions)

                Psa.103:3                Who healeth "all" thy diseases

                Mat.10:1 Power to...heal "all" manner of sickness, & "all" disease

                Mat.19:26               With God all things are possible

                Mk.9:23  All things are possible to him that believeth

                Lk.1:37    With God, nothing shall be impossible

                Lk.5:17b The power of the Lord was present to heal them


5. Conditions for healing:

                2Ki.20:5b                I have...seen thy tears, behold, I will heal thee

                2Chr.7:14                If My people humble themselves, & pray & turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear & heal

                Isa.19:22 They shall return to the Lord...& He shall heal them

                Isa.58:6-8a             [Help others:] Then thine health...spring forth speedily

                Hos.6:1   Come, let us "return"...& He will heal us

                Jam.5:16a               "Confess" your faults...& pray one for another, that ye may be healed


6. Practical steps in obtaining healing:

A. Begin with a clean heart; unconfessed sin in your life will hinder faith:

                Psa.66:18,19           If I regard iniquity in my heart, Lord will not hear

                Pro.28:13                He that covereth his sins shall not prosper

                Jam.5:16 Confess your faults one to another, & pray one for another

                1Jn.3:21  "If" our heart condemn us "not", then have we (faith)

                (See also 2Chr.7:14; Psa.51:10; 139:23; 1Jn.1:8,9 .)

B. Prepare by memorising promises; find authority in God's Word & faith will come of itself:

                Rom.10:17              Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God

                Josh.23:14b           Not one thing hath failed of all that...God spake

                1Ki.8:56b                Hath not failed one word of all His good promise

                Pro.7:2-3 Write (My commandments) upon table of thine heart

                Mat.24:35               Heaven & earth shall pass away, but (not) My Words

                2Cor.1:20                All the promises of God in Him are yea &...Amen

                2Pet.1:4  Great & precious promises: by these ye might partake

C. Be definite:

                Isa.45:11 Concerning the work of My hands, command ye Me

                Jam.1:6-8                Ask in faith, nothing wavering

D. "Expect" from God; know you are entitled to His promises:

                Mk.11:23                Whoever...shall believe...shall have whatsoever he saith

                Mk.11:24                "When" ye pray, "believe" that ye receive & ye shall have

                Heb.4:16 Come boldly...& find grace to help in time of need

                Heb.11:6 He that cometh to God must believe...He is a rewarder

E. Accept from God; there comes a time to cease praying:

                Josh.7:10                Get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face?

                Lk.1:38    Mary said, "Be it unto me according to thy Word"

F. Stand your ground in faith & trust:

                Num.23:19              God is not a man, that He should lie. Hath he said, & shall He not do it?

                Psa.112:7                Not be afraid of evil tidings...trusting in the Lord

                Acts 27:25             I believe God, that it shall be even as was told me

                Rom.3:4  Let God be true, but every man a liar

                Rom.4:19-21           Being "fully" persuaded that what He had promised

                Gal.6:9    In due season we shall reap, if we faint not

                Eph.4:27 Neither give place to the devil [his doubts & lies]

                Eph.6:13 Withstand...& having done all, "stand"

                Eph.6:16 Taking the shield of faith...to quench fiery darts

                Heb.10:23               Hold fast...(your) faith without wavering; He is faithful that promised

                Heb.10:35,36          Ye have need of "patience", that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise

                1Pet.1:7  The trial of your faith...more precious than gold (See also Pro.24:10; Jon.2:8.)

G. Real faith puts into action what it believes:

                2Ki.5:1,9-14            [Naaman obeyed Elisha, dipped in the Jordan, & was healed]

                2Chr.20:21,22         [When they went forth singing & praising God for the victory, He performed the miracle]

                Mat.14:28,29          [Peter believed Jesus & stepped out on the water]

                Mk.2:11,12             Take up thy bed, & go...& immediately he arose

                Mk.3:1,5b               [A man stretches out his withered hand & is healed]

                Lk.17:14  As they "went", they were cleansed (healed)

                Jn.4:47-53               Believed the word Jesus had spoken...& went his way

                2Cor.5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight

                Jam.2:17-26            As body without spirit...faith without works is dead

H. Thank Him for hearing & answering your prayer:

                Rom.4:20                He was strong in faith, giving "glory" to God


7. Praying for the sick:

A. Pray for healing in "Jesus'" name:

                (See Jn.14:13,14; Acts 3:6; 4:10; 9:34a.)

B. Importance of laying hands on & touching the sick:

                Mk.16:18b              They shall lay hands on the sick & they shall recover

                Lk.4:40    He laid His hands on every one of them, & healed them

                (See also Mat.9:29; Mk.3:10; 5:28; 6:56; 7:33-35; Lk.5:13; 6:19; 22:51b.)

C. Anointing with oil for healing:

                (See Mk.6:13; Jam.5:14.)

D. The power of united, group prayer:

                Mat.18:19,20          If two of you shall agree [in prayer]...it shall be done

                Deut.32:30             One (shall) chase a thousand, & two put ten thousand to flight

E. Who should pray for the sick:

                Lk.8:50,51               [Have the unbelieving leave the room before you pray]

                Jam.5:14-16            Call for the elders...& let them pray over him. The fervent...prayer of a righteous man availeth much


8. Fight in the Spirit for your healing:

                Mat.17:19-21         [Unusual, stubborn sicknesses require extra faith & prayer & fasting]

                1Tim.6:12               Fight good fight of faith, "lay hold" on eternal life

A. Sing & praise the Lord:

                (See Psa.34:1; 51:15; 66:17; 77:2,10,11; 109:30.)

B. Quote Scripture like Jesus did:

                Mat.4:3-10             He answered and said, "It is "written"..."

                Eph.6:17 Take...the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God


9. Reasons that God allows afflictions & illnesses:

A. To keep us righteous & close to Him:

                Psa.34:19                Many are the afflictions of the "righteous"

                Psa.119:71              It is good for me that I have been afflicted

                2Cor.12:7                Lest I should be exalted...given a thorn in the flesh

                Heb.12:6,11            Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, & scourgeth

                Rev.3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke & chasten

B. To glorify God when He heals you:

                Mat.15:31               The multitude wondered...& they glorified God

                Jn.9:1-3   [The blind man's healing was to glorify God]

                Acts 9:36-42          It was known throughout all Joppa; & many believed

C. Sickness is often caused by sin:

                Psa.38:2-5              My wounds stink & are corrupt...because of my sin...because of my foolishness

                Psa.107:17              Fools, because of their...iniquities, are afflicted

                Psa.119:67              Before I was afflicted, I went astray: but now

                Pro.26:2  The curse causeless shall not come

                (See also Num.12:1-15; 1Sam.5:1-12; 25:2-11,37,38; 2Chr.21:9-19; 26:16-21; Acts 12:21-23.)

D. Some sickness is an attack of the devil:

                Mat.9:32,33a          When the devil was cast out, the dumb spake

                Mk.9:17-20,25        [Jesus rebuked an unclean spirit, healing a child]

                Lk.13:11,13,16        This woman...whom Satan hath bound 18 years

                Acts 10:38             Healing all that were oppressed of the devil

E. To teach & to test us:

                Job 2:3-7                [The devil was allowed to afflict Job to "test" him]

                Job 5:17,18             Behold, happy is man whom God correcteth

                Psa.94:12                Blessed is the man whom Thou chasteneth & teachest

                2Cor.4:17                [Our temporary afflictions teach us eternal lessons]

F. Emotional or physiological causes:

                Psa.147:3                He healeth the broken in heart, bindeth their wounds

                Pro.11:17b              He that is cruel troubleth his own flesh

                Pro.14:30                Envy (is) the rottenness of the bones

                Pro.15:13                By sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken

                Pro.17:22b              A broken spirit drieth the bones

                Pro.18:14                A wounded spirit who can bear?

G. God will show you the reason if you ask Him:

                1Sam.6:3b              Then ye shall be healed, & it shall be known to you why His hand is not removed from you

                Job 36:9-11            Then He sheweth them their...transgressions

                Phi.3:15b                God shall reveal even this unto you

H. How to keep from getting sick:

                Exo.15:26                If thou wilt diligently "hearken"...I will put none of these diseases upon thee

                Psa.91:9,10             Because thou hast made the Lord thy...habitation

                Pro.4:20,22             Attend to My Words...they are health to [your] flesh

I. Physical reasons for sickness:

                Exo.8:24b               The land was "corrupted" by the swarm of flies

                Lev.11:4-12            [Eating unclean meats, seafood, etc.]

                Pro.23:29-35           [Too much wine or alcohol]

                Pro.25:16,27a         [Overindulgence in sweets:] Not good to eat much honey

                Pro.23:3  Be not desirous of dainties: they are deceitful meat

                Mk.7:3,4 [Lack of cleanliness: Jews washed often, lived long]

                Rom.1:24-27           [Unclean or perverted sex]

                Phi.2:27,30             [Overdoing physically:] Sick...not regarding his life


10. Points to remember after prayer:

A. Reasons why we're sometimes not "immediately" healed:

                Isa.59:1,2                The Lord's hand is not shortened, but your sins have separated you

                Hos.5:15 I will return to My place, till they acknowledge their offence

                2Cor.12:7-9            [Paul prayed 3 times to be healed, but the Lord left him with a thorn in the flesh to keep him humble]

                Heb.10:36               After ye have done the will of God ye (shall) receive the promise

                Jam.1:3   The trying of your faith worketh patience

                1Pet.1:7  Trial of your faith (is) much more precious than gold

B. Testify publicly about your healing:

                Job 36:24                Remember that thou magnify His work, which men behold

                Psa.107:2                Let the redeemed of the Lord say so

                Mk.5:19b                Go home to thy friends & "tell" them how great things the Lord hath done for thee

                Acts 4:10               Be it known unto you all, that by the name of Jesus

                (See also Psa.22:22,25; 35:18; 107:31,32.)

C. Obey God once healed, or your sickness may return:

                Jn.5:14    Thou art made whole, sin no more, lest a worse thing

                Psa.85:8  But let them not turn again to folly


11. Miraculous or natural healing?

A. God's healing vs. doctors & medicines:

                2Chr.16:12,13         Asa was diseased in his feet...he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians. And Asa died

                Psa.118:8                Better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man

                Jer.46:11 In vain shalt thou use many medicines...not be cured

                Mk.5:25-26             Suffered many things of many physicians...grew worse

                (See also Hos.5:13)

B. Sometimes doctors & medicines can help:

                Pro.17:22a              A merry heart doeth "good" like a "medicine"

                Lk.10:34  He bound up his wounds...pouring in oil & wine

C. God-ordained natural remedies:

                2Ki.20:1-7               Take a lump of figs...lay it on the boil (Also Isa.38:21)

                Jer.51:8b Take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed

                Ezk.47:12b              And the leaf thereof (shall be) for medicine

                1Tim.5:23               Use a little wine for stomach's sake & oft infirmities

D. Eat wholesome, nourishing food:

                Psa.103:5                (The Lord) satisfieth thy mouth with "good" things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's


12. No sickness in Heaven:

                (See Isa.33:24; Rev.21:4 .)

A. Our immortal resurrected bodies will never be sick:

                1Cor. 15:42, 43       So is the resurrection...It is sown in corruption, raised in incorruption: sown in weakness...raised in power



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