1. God can supply all our needs:

A. He has promised to supply our needs:

                Phi.4:19  God shall supply all your need according to His riches

                Mat.6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God...& all these things shall be added unto you

                Psa.23:1  The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want (lack)

                Psa.34:10                They that seek Lord shall not (lack) any good thing

                Psa.37:25                I (have) not seen righteous forsaken...begging bread

                Mat.7:7-11             Every one that asketh receiveth...your Father (shall) give good things to them that ask Him

                Rom.8:32                He that spared not His Own Son...shall He not also freely give us all things?

                (See also Deut.2:7; Psa.68:19; 81:10; Mal.3:10; Mat. 6:8,25-34.)

B. God is the source of all supply:

                Psa.145:15,16         Thou openest Thine hand, & satisfiest the desire of every living thing

                1Chr.29:14              All things come of Thee, & of Thine Own have we given Thee

                Psa.104:13-15        He causeth...herb (to grow) for man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth

                Jam.1:17 Every good from above, & cometh from (God)

                (See also Psa.65:9-13; Gen.1:29; 9:3.)

C. He owns the entire world:

                Exo.19:5  All the earth is Mine

                Psa.24:1  The earth is the Lord's, & the fulness thereof

                Psa.50:10,11           Every beast is Mine...& the cattle upon a thousand hills

                Psa.89:11                The earth is Thine: the world & the fulness thereof


2. God can do miracles to supply:

                Num.11:21-23        [God promised meat for a month, Moses doubted it, so] the Lord said, `Is the Lord's hand waxed short?'

                2Ki.4:1-6 [The prophet's widow borrowed vessels & they miraculously filled with enough oil to pay her debts]

A. Food:

                Exo.16:12-15          [God miraculously supplied quail & manna in desert]

                Num.11:18-20        [God sent a month's supply of quail ] (See vs.31,32)

                Psa.78:23-29          He opened the doors of Heaven, & rained down manna ...corn of Heaven...angel's food...meat to the full (See also Psa.105:40)

                Psa.132:15              I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread

                1Ki.17:4  I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there

                1Ki.17:16                The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail [during the 3-1/2 year famine]

                1Ki.19:5-8               An angel said unto (Elijah), "Arise & eat"...& behold, a cake baken on the coals, & a cruse of water

                2Ki.4:42,43             [Elisha fed 100, multiplying 20 loaves & some corn]

                Mk.6:34-44             [Jesus fed 5,000, multiplying 5 loaves & 2 fishes. 5,000 men, besides women & children--Mat.14:21]

                Mk.8:1-9 [Jesus fed 4,000, multiplying 7 loaves]

                Rev.12:6,14            [Church "fed, nourished" 3-1/2 years in wilderness]

                (See also Psa.23:5; Lk.5:4-7; Jn.21:5,6,11.)

B. Water:

                Gen.21:14-19          [Hagar dying of thirst, God showed her a well]

                Exo.17:1-6              [At Horeb, the Lord brought water out of a rock]

                Num.20:2,7-11       [At Meribah, God again brought water from a rock]

                Judg.15:15-19        [God supplied water from a jawbone for Samson]

                2Ki.3:9,17,20          [God miraculously supplied water for an army]

                (See also Psa.78:15,16; 105:41; Isa.41:17,18.)

C. God can even purify impure food & water:

                Exo.15:23-25          [Bitter waters of Marah miraculously made sweet]

                2Ki.2:19-22             [Undrinkable waters of Jericho healed]

                2Ki.4:38-41             [Poisonous gourd in the pottage rendered harmless]

                (See also Mk.16:18a)

D. Clothing & other necessities:

                Deut.29:5               I have led you 40 years...your clothes are not waxen old...thy shoe is not waxen old upon thy foot

                Mat.6:25,26, 30      If God clothe the grass...shall He not...clothe you?

                (See also Gen.3:21)


3. Supply during famine:

A. Sore famines predicted in the last days:

                Mat.24:3,7              [In] the end of the world...there shall be diverse places

                Mk.13:8b                There shall be famines & troubles

B. The Lord promises to feed us during famines:

                Job 5:19,20             In famine He (God) shall redeem thee from death

                Psa.33:18,19           The eye of the Lord is upon them that fear keep them alive in famine

                Psa.37:18,19           The Lord knoweth the days of the the days of famine they shall be satisfied

                Pro.10:3  The Lord will not suffer (allow)...the righteous to famish

                Ezk.36:29b,30         I will increase (the corn), & lay no famine upon you. I will multiply the fruit of the tree, &...of the field

C. He usually warns His people so they can make preparations:

                Gen.41:25-36, 47-49              [God showed Joseph & Pharaoh that a famine was coming & they prepared for it by storing away food

                Acts 11:27-30        [God warned that a dearth was coming, & believers sent relief money to their affected brethren]

                (See also Amos 3:7)


4. Conditions to God's supply:

A. We must please God & be obedient:

                Mat.6:33 Seek first...& all things shall be added unto you

                2Chr.1:7-12            [God gave King Solomon fabulous riches & wealth when he sought the good of the kingdom first]

                Psa.34:9  There is no want (lack) to them that fear Him

                Psa.34:10                They that seek Lord shall not (lack) any good thing

                Psa.37:3  Do good...& verily thou shalt be fed

                Psa.37:18,19           The Lord knoweth...the the days of famine they shall be satisfied

                Psa.37:25                I have been young, & now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken...begging bread

                Psa.84:11                No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly

                Pro.13:25                Righteous eateth to satisfying... wicked shall (lack)

                Isa.1:19   If ye be willing & obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land

                1Jn.3:22  Whatsoever we ask, we receive...because we keep His commandments, & do...things...pleasing in His sight

                (See also Deut.11:10-15; 29:9; Psa.111:5.)

B. Examples of obeying & doing our part first:

                1Ki.17:2-5               Get thee hence...& hide by the brook Cherith...ravens feed thee there. So he went

                1Ki.17:9,10             Arise, get thee to Zarephath. So he arose & went

                2Ki.4:1-6 Go borrow...of all thy neighbours empty vessels, borrow not a few. So she went & (did)

                Mat.17:27               Go cast an hook, & take up the fish...thou shalt find a piece of money (in his mouth)

                Lk.5:4-6  Launch out into the deep, & let down your nets

                Jn.2:1-10 Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them

                Jn.11:39  Take (roll) ye away the stone

                Jn.21:5,6 Cast the net on right side of the ship...They cast

C. Pray, believe God's Word & depend on Him to supply:

                Mat.7:7   Ask, & it shall be given; knock, & it shall be opened

                Mat.21:22               All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive

                Heb.11:6 He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him

                (See also 2Chr.26:5; Isa.45:11; Mat.9:29.)

D. Remember to thank Him for supplying:

                Psa.68:19                Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loadeth us with benefits

                Psa.116:12-14,17,18              What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits? I will offer to Thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving


5. Reasons why we sometimes lack:

A. Because of sin or disobedience:

                Jer.5:25   Your sins have withholden good things from you

                (See also Psa.81:15,16; Jam.4:3.)

B. Lack of faith or failure to ask the Lord:

                Jam.4:2   Ye have not, because ye ask not

                Jam.1:6,7                [Wavering & not asking in faith]

C. Laziness:

                2Thes.3:10             If any would not work, neither should he eat

                Pro.13:4  The soul of the sluggard desireth, & hath nothing

                Pro.20:4  Sluggard will not plow...therefore shall have nothing

                Pro.21:25                The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labour (See also Pro.23:21)

D. To keep us dependent upon God & His supply:

                Deut.31:20             When they...have eaten & filled themselves, & waxen fat; then will they turn to other gods

                Pro.30:8,9               Give me (not) riches...lest I be full & deny Thee

                (See also 1Tim.6:10,17; Rev.3:17-19.)

E. To show us that it's time to move:

                1Ki.17:7-9               [When the brook dried, it was time for Elijah to move]

                (See also Gen.26:1-3; 45:6-11; Ruth 1:1-6,16-18; 2Ki.8:1,2.)


6. God loves you & wants to supply:

A. He knows what you need & is looking after you:

                Mat.6:8   Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him

                Mat.6:25,31, 32      Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or drink ...(God) knoweth that ye need all these things

B. If God provides for the unbelieving World...

                (See Mat.5:45; Acts 14:15b-17.)

C. If He even provides the needs of animals...

                (See Gen.1:30; 6:14-22; Psa.104:21,26-28; 147:8,9.)

D. ...Won't He much more care for you?

                (See Mat.6:26,30; Psa.34:10; 145:15,16; 2Cor.9:8.)


7. Doing what we can do to supply:

A. Our responsibility to provide:

                1Tim.5:8 If any provide not for...those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, & is worse than an infidel

B. Working for our needs:

                Acts 20:35             How that labouring ye ought to support the weak

                Eph.4:28 Let him labour, working w/ his hands thing which is good

                1Thes.4:11,12        Work with your own hands...that ye may lack nothing

                2Thes.3:10-12        Some work not at all...If any would not work, neither should he eat

                Tit.3:14   Let ours learn to maintain good works (profess honest trades) for necessary uses

                (See also Gen.41:39-44; Dan.2:48,49; 6:1-3; 8:27.)

C. Missionaries occasionally take on secular jobs:

                Acts 18:1-3            [Paul temporarily made tents to support himself] (See also Acts 20:34; 1Cor.4:12 .)

D. God blesses diligent, hard work:

                Gen.31:38-40          [Jacob's sample of diligent shepherding]

                Gen.39:1-6              [God blessed Joseph's hard work] (See also vs.20-23)

                Pro.10:4  The hand of the diligent maketh rich                (See also Pro.13:4; 22:29; 21:25; Eccl.5:18.)

                Pro.28:19                He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread, but he that followeth vain persons...poverty

                Mat.25:14-30         [The reward of the diligent servants who increased their talents]


8. When God uses others to supply His workers' needs:

A. Well-off supporters often helped God's messengers:

                Gen.47:1-6              [Pharaoh gave the best land in Egypt, Goshen, to Joseph's father & brothers]

                1Ki.18:3,13             [Governor Obadiah risked his life to save & feed 100 of the Lord's prophets]

                2Ki.4:8-11               [Rich woman of Shunem supplied food & lodging for Elisha & his servant]

                Neh.2:7,8                [King Artaxerxes gave Nehemiah permission to take as much timber as he needed from the king's forest]

                Jer.37:15-21            [King Zedekiah defied Jeremiah's enemies & commanded Jeremiah be given bread continually]

                Dan.2:48,49            [King Nebuchadnezzar gives Daniel power & "many great gifts", & gave his friends high positions]

                Lk.8:1-3  [Joanna & other wealthy women helped support Jesus]

                (See also Rom.16:23; Phlm.1,2,7,22.)

B. Don't abuse others' generosity:

                1Cor.7:31                They that use this world, as not abusing it

C. God's workers to be supported by those to whom they minister:

                Mat.10:9,10            Provide neither gold, nor silver in your purses...for the workman is worthy of his meat

                1Cor.9:7-14            The Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel

                2Ki.4:42  A man...brought (Elisha) bread of the firstfruits, 20 loaves & corn [to feed his 100 disciples]

                Lk.22:35  When I sent you without purse...lacked ye any thing? And they said, "Nothing."

                1Tim.5:18               Shalt not muzzle ox that treadeth the corn. The labourer is worthy of his hire (See Deut.25:4; Lk.10:7.)

                (See also Acts 28:7-10)

D. Staying as a guest at someone's house:

                Mat.10:11               In whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, enquire who is worthy; & there abide

                Lk.10:7,8 In the same house remain, eating (what) they give

                (See also 1Ki.17:8-16,24; Acts 10:5,6; 16:14,15; 17:5,7; 18:2,3,7; Rom.16:23a; Phlm.22.)

E. But don't overstay your welcome:

                Pro.25:17                Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's house; lest he be weary of thee; & so hate thee

F. Accepting invitations to a meal:

                Mat.9:9,10              [Jesus & disciples ate with Matthew] (See also Lk.5:29)

                Lk.7:36    One of the Pharisees desired that He would eat with him

                Lk.19:1-6                [Jesus invited Himself to eat at Zacchaeus' house]

                1Cor.10:27              If any (unbelievers) bid you to a feast, & ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat

G. Refusing invitations to a meal:

                1Ki.13:7-9,15-17    [Young prophet ordered by God to refuse invitations] (See also vs.18-24)

                Pro.15:17                Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than (steak) & hatred therewith (See also Dan.1:5,8,12-16)

                Pro.23:6-8               Eat not the bread of him that hath an evil eye

H. Share amongst yourselves what God has already given you:

                Acts 2:44,45          (They) parted them to all men, as every man had need

                Acts 4:32               They had all things common

                Acts 4:34,35          Distribution was made unto every he had need

                Acts 11:29             Every man according to his ability...(sent) relief

                2Cor.8:12-14          That...your abundance may be a supply for their want (lack)...that there may be equality

                2Cor.8:15                He that gathered much had nothing over; & he that gathered little had no lack (See Exo.16:18)


9. Giving to God's work:

A. God can even use unbelievers to give to His people:

                Job 27:16,17           Though he heap up silver...innocent shall divide (it) ...prepare raiment...but the just shall put it on

                Psa.2:8    Ask...I shall give the heathen for thine inheritance

                Pro.21:1  King's heart is in hand of the Lord...He turneth it

                Psa.105:44              (He) gave them lands of the heathen: & they inherited the labour of the people (heathen)

                Pro.13:22                The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just

                Eccl.2:26 To the sinner He giveth travail, to gather & to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God

                Isa.23:18 Her merchandise shall be...for [servants of] the Lord, to eat sufficiently, & for durable clothing

B. Examples of the need to ask:

                1Sam.25:2-8           [David sent men to ask Nabal, a great & rich--but wicked--man, to donate food to him & his men]

                1Sam.25:7,8            [David explained the good work his men have done]

                1Sam.27:5-7           [David asked for place to stay for 16 months]

                Mk.11:1-7               [Jesus' disciples requested a donkey for Him to ride]

                Mk.14:12-16           [Jesus' disciples asked for the use of an upper room, already furnished & prepared]

                Lk.5:1-3  [Jesus asked for the use of a boat to preach from]

                Jn.4:6,7   [Jesus asked for a drink of water]


10. God promises to prosper our work & businesses:

A. Financially:

                Deut.28:1-13          [Mighty promises of prosperity to the faithful]

                Psa.112:1,3             Blessed is the man...that delighteth greatly in His commandments...wealth shall be in his house

                Pro.10:22                Blessing of the Lord maketh rich, He addeth no sorrow

B. Other ways God prospers His people:

                (See Gen.39:2; Lev.26:3-13; Deut.29:9; 30:9; 2Chr.26:5; Psa.107:35-38; 127:3-5; Isa.3:10; Ezk.34:26; Acts 14:17.)


11. God supplies our needs, not always our wants:

A. Be content & do not desire more than you need:

                Lk.12:15  Beware of covetousness, for a man's life consisteth not in abundance of things which he possesseth

                1Tim.6:6-8              Godliness with contentment is great gain...having food & raiment let us be therewith content

                Phi.4:11  I have learned, in whatever state I be content

                Heb.13:5 Let your (life) be without covetousness; & be content with such things as ye have

                Psa.37:16                A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked

                Pro.15:16                Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure & trouble therewith

                Pro.30:8  Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me

                2Cor.6:10                As poor...having nothing, & yet possessing all things

                (See also Psa.62:10b; Psa.119:36 ; Pro.17:1 ; 23:5.)

B. Dangers of discontent & murmuring:

                Exo.16:3  [Longing for fleshpots of Egypt, & complaining that God will let them die of hunger]

                Num.21:5,6             [The people complained against & loathe the manna & were attacked by fiery serpents]

                1Sam.15:3,9,           [Saul disobeyed God's orders to utterly destroy, saving the best of the goods. God rejected Saul as king]


                Psa.73:3-20            [Warning not to envy the prosperity of worldly wicked]

                Psa.78:15-21          [Israelites miraculously received water, then doubtingly murmured for meat. God angrily judged them]



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