This web page describes our heritage as we know it. It does not list all of our ancestors from Adam to the present, but the purpose is to show, to those that are interested, how our ancestors were involved in the ministry of spreading the Gospel. It didn't matter with which denomination; or whether they were evangelists, pastors, deacons, missionaries or reverends--all served the Lord.
Grandpa & Sara Nelson on their farm in Wisconsin. They had 10 children, all of which went through college & became missionaries or ministers to different places such as Brazil.
  From what we know, Grandpa & Sara Nelson were devout Christians who opened their home up for others to worship in.
  Their farm was the first meeting place for the Methodists in Wisconsin  and eventually became a center for itinerate ministers & furloughing missionaries.
  One of their sons, Charles Nelson, gave his life to the Lord at the farm's kitchen table at the age of 9 years old.
  He  married Emma Jane & became a Methodist minister and traveled to California to pastor several churches in 1888
Methodist Sunday School in California
Grandpa and Sara Nelson
Joanne & Craig
My Brother & I as Missionaries
Seventh Generation Missionaries
This is Joanne, my mother, who has traveled in seven countries giving Bible classes, teaching children, & being a missionary.
She is currently living in La Porte, Texas and is the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Baytown, Texas.
My mom as a C.E.F teacher. Good News clubs were very common while I was growing up.
This was taken in Japan where she was a missionary for children
Bicycles were very useful in Japan.
This is Craig winning souls for the Lord
Craig giving a Bible class
Paul married Harriet Russell & had 4 children. He did many different secular jobs & also was a Baptist minister. His wife played the piano for the Church. Three of their children were involved in missionary activities in many parts of the world.
My brother & I during our "TEEN" years.
Here we are doing a skit for a Good News club.
Family Portrait 2008
Emma Jane
Charles Nelson
The golden years!
Grandpa and Sara Nelson
Charles Nelson
Emma Jane
Charles and Emma
Methodist Bible Study
Emma's Graduation 1909
USC Library
Old Motorcycle
University of Southern California
University of California
Library of USC
Married in 1916
Happy days
Old restaurant
Boy meets girl
First school
First class room
Elizabeth born 1891
Emma and Elizabeth
Elizabeth 2 years old
Nelson family
Charles, Emma and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Born 1891
Elizabeth's graduation 1909
First school taught
Elizabeth Nelson
Met Barthel Douglass-- married in 1916
Three Nelson Sisters
Elizabeth, Nettie and Grace Nelson
Charles and Emma Nelson had three daughters
Our family line comes from Mary Elizabeth Nelson born 1891
She was very fond of hats!
Riding on a Motor cycle
Class room
A road side Restaurant
Paul 10 months old
Barthel reading the Bible
Paul Douglass born 1925
Bible time
Barthel in Eskimo coat
Orphan Boys
Teachers for the Eskimo boy orphans
Fun time
Douglass family moved to Alaska
Jesse Lee Orphanage
Worked for the Jesse Lee orphanage 1935
Mom and daughter
Elizabeth at 3 years
Paul Douglass
Charles Nelson
Pauls family
In 1956 he opened his home up for The Hebron Baptist Church
Douglass children
The Douglass children in 1955
Joanne, David, Esther and Danny
I wanted to grow up to be a movie producer with my 8mm movie camera
The Puppet ministry
The young Farmer
The 80's look with my proud mustache
The same house today
Paul and Harriet in 1946
Joanne-the first born
Bus driver- One of the many different jobs Paul took on in his life
The Morrows in Zambia 2008