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   We arrived in Botswana, on our way to Zambia, on the 27th of March 2002. It took 40 hours to fly from Houston, Texas to Gabarone, Botswana. We flew on 3 flights and were laid over in 2 airports for 20 hours.
   We had 30 pieces of luggage which all got there safely. A miracle in itself!
  Here we are disembarking from our final flight which was a small propeller airplane. The kids enjoyed this one the most as they got to see out of the windows and enjoy the African scenery.
   Here we are standing in downtown Botswana. This is the main town square with shops and government buildings. We later came here on three occasions to sing and witness with our children. Crowds of hundreds watched the children sing and received Gospel tracts and the message of Salvation.
   This is Martin, the first friend I made in Botswana. He sells small trinkets & wooden artifacts. He received a Bible & a picture of Jesus for his house.
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