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Contact Person:  Rev. Thomas Morrow

For donations:
U.S. Address:      P.O.Box 126, La Porte, Texas 77572
(Donations will be deposited immediately in our account)

For correspondence and packages only:
Zambia Address: P.O.Box 750007 Kazembe, Luapula. Zambia
(Note: There is no zip code for Zambia.)

When sending packages it is best to send small parcels. Shoe box size or a bit larger. Packages can also be sent by surface mail. You can contact us by e-mail and we will help you with more details.

Email address: missionaryfamily@gmail.com

United States Telephone: 281-471-0164

Zambia Cell Phones:            (26)-0979-318-463

You can also download Skype at skype.com for free. You will then be able to talk to us on our computer completely for free.

Our Skype ID: missionaryfamily or amy.morrow

Updated on 03/06/08 Questions or Comments? Email us at: missionaryfamily@gmail.com
The Morrow  Family
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