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For His supply of our daily needs.
That our family is healthy and happy.
For Christian friends.
For internet access and good communication
For our Sponsors.
He has kept us and supplied all of our needs day by day.
God has been keeping us despite some health problems we have been kept through the storms and come out stronger.
We are thankful for you, our Christian friends and prayer partners and also for the new Christian friends that we have made here in Zambia.
This work wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our sponsors. We appreciate the people who give their monthly contributions. Thank You!
This website has been such a blessing & it has been wonderful to be able to communicate more easily since getting an internet satellite.
For the success of our programs and projects.
We are so thankful for the progress on the orphanage and the construction projects that were completed in 2007.

  We are also so thankful for the children that the Lord has brought to this home. They grow more healthy each day.
Updated 11/03/11 Questions? Email us at: missionaryfamily@gmail.com