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For our leadership classes, other seminars and ministry to the Pastors of Zambia to be a success.
For continued health & happiness
For God to supply all our needs for Africa.
That the children that are being brought to us.
For the Lord's continued protection and blessings.
We are in a unique place to reach people--pray we can do the job and be instruments of His mercy and grace.
Being in a third world country, there are many diseases that are present & easy to catch. We are eating & exercising right which are essential to a strong body. From October-May we need extra prayers for health as malaria is very prevelant.
As we operate and work at many different projects we are continually thankful for the Lord's supply of all our needs. Since poverty is so widespread, we are constantly called on to help the poor. Please pray that we have enough to help others.
As new children join our home we need prayer that their needs will be met--that there will be sponsors for them, Pray also for their health as they begin to eat and sleep and play better. Pray that their relatives will have a peace about their decision.
Being in a developing country, there are many thieves & robbers, but the Lord has all the power in the Universe. 
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