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Updated 08/20/12 Questions? Email at: MissionaryFamily@gmail.com
Thomas L Morrow
P.O. Box 126
La Porte, Texas
Zambia is a developing country that needs your help!
If you have any questions email us at: MissionaryFamily@gmail.com
We are committed to using your donation exactly as you intended it. When making a donation please specify how you want your donation to be used and we will let you know what was done and how it was done.

Need a tax receipt?
We have a public charity (501c3) called Global Contributions so you can donate three different ways:

*Write a check to Global Contributions and mail to the address below      
*Use the paypal button located below
*deposit your donation directly into Bank of America acct. #586000879823.
Please make sure to let us know by e-mail at globalcontributions@gmail.com so we can send you your receipt.

No receipt needed?
You can make out your check to Thomas Morrow. Mail to the address below or deposit into Bank of America acct. -005771889534. Again, be sure to drop us an e-mail so we can keep track of donations.

We thank you for your donation!
May God bless you.
To donate online by Check, Credit card or Debt card click here:

To donate online by PayPal click here:

To send a donatation by mail, check or money order, write to the address below.

Payable to:    Global Contributions
                      P.O. Box 126
                      La Porte, Tx. 77572   USA
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